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Commercial Stump Grinding in Minneapolis, MN

Business owners have a wide range of concerns and priorities that they need to address while running their company. Everything from payroll, supplies, employees, and even their exteriors compete for mental real estate on a daily basis. If their commercial properties have had recent landscaping work done but left tree stumps behind, they can prove an unsightly blemish that detracts from their overall aesthetic. Fortunately, finding commercial stump grinding in Minneapolis, MN, and surrounding areas has never been easier, thanks to Metro Stump Grinding!

Our experienced stump removal experts can help clear your entire commercial property of the toughest stumps with our commercial tree stump grinding. We’ll use the best technology in the industry to remove these unsightly blemishes, grind them up into wood chips, and dispose of them safely.

Our team specializes in commercial stump grinding in Minneapolis, MN, and has helped countless businesses across the area improve the overall look of their properties. We also specialize in grinding residential stumps and clearing out everything from smaller stumps to the largest ones.

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Thomas DanielsonThomas Danielson
20:12 01 Aug 22
This is Tom with Minnehaha Falls Landscaping.We specialize in retaining walls, patios, hardscapes and softscapes. We do remove stumps but this one was a monster. 4 feet in diameter and we needed a little bigger machinery to get the job done. Got a great price and the guys were out there the next day helping us get the job done. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking at getting rid of a tricky stump.Thanks Metro- I have your number!
Troy MoldeTroy Molde
02:15 01 Aug 22
I'm a professional home buyer. I purchased a home that has a lot of stumps. I called Metro Stump Grinding and was greeted by Jim, the owner. He's very professional, was easy to schedule the work, he gave me an estimate. He completed the job on time and on budget, no back end negotiating, was a straight shooter. He's now my go to for stump grinding.
Al ThompsonAl Thompson
20:54 15 Jul 22
I sent in a text with a photo of the 2 stumps I needed removed.They got back to me within minutes with a very reseasonable estimate!I was able to get an appointment within 3 days of my call.However it gets even better...They were able to come a day early and take my stumps out speeding up my project!I would highly recommend Metro Stump Grinding to all of my family and friends!
Brad EBrad E
01:10 15 Jun 22
Jim did a great job grinding over a dozen stumps on my property. Friendly, efficient, skilled and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend.
Scott SmithScott Smith
18:17 10 Jul 20
We hired Metro to do a fairly easy stump removal in our front yard. They were doing a project down the street, we saw them there, chatted with them and they (Sean) came over to give a quote, which was very reasonable. They came over a couple of days later to to the work. The work was done quickly and professionally (thanks for protecting our windows!), and Sean actually charged us less than what he had quoted. Don't know many other contractors who would do that. We were very satisfied with the work and in working with them. I'd use them again in a heartbeat (and we'll need to in the near future). Highly recommend.

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Full Service- We grind the stump and haul away the pile of grindings (mulch/ chips mixed with dirt), leaving you with a flat area.

The Areas We Serve

When you need a commercial stump grinding team in Minneapolis, MN, you want to find one that will come to your place of business when you need them. Our team can travel to any job site within our service area, which includes Minneapolis and the following MN communities:

Our commercial tree stump grinding service has helped countless clients with our industrial stump grinding, clearing out and removing the most stubborn and unsightly stumps across your properties.

Commercial Tree Stump Removal

Businesses want to do everything possible to put their best foot forward whenever they meet new and existing customers. Making a good first impression can set the right tone for the rest of the interaction. Our team can quickly and efficiently perform a thorough commercial tree stump removal for your properties and help give your first impression a significant boost.

We work with our customers to figure out how to eliminate the large-diameter stumps and grind them down into more manageable wood chips. We’ll help transform these time-intensive commercial tree stump removal tasks into light work and have your yard looking its best in no time!

Signs You Need a Professional Commercial Stump Removal Service

Business owners and property managers want to do whatever they can to ensure their properties look as pristine as possible. However, while you may have a laundry list of tasks you would like to get done, prioritizing them by how intensive they are and how much of an investment it represents can make it a time-consuming task. Fortunately, choosing to tackle a few stumps and clearing them out with our commercial stump grinding in Minneapolis, MN, can provide immediate dividends.

Knowing your property can genuinely benefit from clearing out a few stumps can make a significant difference for your business. Here are some of the most common signs that you can benefit from our commercial stump removal service:

Existing Stumps Show Signs of Disease

Tree diseases can persist even long after you’ve cut down the dead tree. If you have left the stumps behind and decided to remove them at a later date, you can see them show increasing signs of disease and infection. If you don’t take swift action, the condition could potentially spread and cause more serious problems for your commercial property.

Encroaching Root Systems

Some property owners may believe that once you chop down a diseased or dead tree, then you no longer have to worry about the roots. Unfortunately, that is rarely ever the case. Most tree stumps still have an active root system that extends outwards in search of moisture and nutrients.

These still-living root systems can continue to move and encroach on everything from plumbing pipes to your building’s foundation. Instead of leaving your property susceptible to these dangers, our commercial tree stump grinding can help bring the offending stumps down to ground level and make them easier to dispose of.

Your Last DIY Attempt Fell Flat

Some business owners may believe that their team can handle any landscaping task so they can save some money on their bottom line. However, most DIY attempts don’t follow industry best practices or utilize an industrial stump grinder to its full potential. If you’re trying to grind large-diameter stumps but have a system with the wrong cutting capacity or dull teeth, it can set your entire project back and lead to more serious problems.

Trusting a professional commercial stump grinder service can help give you renewed peace of mind and ensure your property is in the most capable hands. We have extensive experience with top-of-the-line commercial stump grinding and ensure to grind stumps to the best of our ability.

Commercial Stump Grinding Company

When you need a commercial tree stump grinding service, there’s only one name you can trust in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Hennepin County, Dakota County, and Ramsey County, MN — Metro Stump Grinding! We work with our clients to assess the state of their properties and ensure we get to the heart of their most stubborn tree stump problems.

Our commercial stump grinding company has worked with properties across the area and knows just how to handle the unique challenges these properties present. We’ve made it our mission to ensure any stump removal project goes off without a hitch and you get your property back to looking its best in no time.

Our team is standing by to help with your commercial stump grinding project in Minneapolis, MN. Contact us and schedule your next appointment today!