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A picturesque yard or a neatly landscaped commercial property is a testament to the pride you take in maintaining your space. However, one often overlooked aspect of property maintenance is the aftermath of tree removal — the unsightly stump that stubbornly clings to the earth. Let’s face it: a decaying tree stump is not only an eyesore but also a potential hazard. Don’t let these remnants of nature detract from the beauty and safety of your property. Instead, contact Metro Stump Grinding for comprehensive stump grinding and removal services in Minnetonka, MN, and get rid of these unsightly hunks of wood!

The Hazards of Neglecting Tree Stumps

Leaving a tree stump unattended might seem harmless at first, but beneath its surface lies a host of potential issues. Tree stumps can become breeding grounds for pests like termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects that pose a threat not just to your yard but potentially to your home’s structure. These pests can spread quickly, causing damage that’s both costly and bothersome to eliminate.


Moreover, the mere presence of a tree stump can impede your landscaping aspirations. Mowing the lawn becomes a chore, and over time, the stump can sprout new growth, making the situation even more difficult to manage. Stumps also create a tripping hazard for anyone traversing your property, putting you at risk for unwanted legal and financial consequences. Instead of letting this remaining piece of a long-gone tree wreak havoc on your property (and your sanity), reach out to our stump removal company in Minnetonka, MN, for the perfect solution.


As a leading stump grinding company in Minnetonka, MN, we are dedicated to turning your yard into a safer and more aesthetically pleasing space. We specialize in residential stump grinding as well as commercial stump grinding, so we can offer the best option for your specific needs.

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Thomas DanielsonThomas Danielson
20:12 01 Aug 22
This is Tom with Minnehaha Falls Landscaping.We specialize in retaining walls, patios, hardscapes and softscapes. We do remove stumps but this one was a monster. 4 feet in diameter and we needed a little bigger machinery to get the job done. Got a great price and the guys were out there the next day helping us get the job done. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking at getting rid of a tricky stump.Thanks Metro- I have your number!
Troy MoldeTroy Molde
02:15 01 Aug 22
I'm a professional home buyer. I purchased a home that has a lot of stumps. I called Metro Stump Grinding and was greeted by Jim, the owner. He's very professional, was easy to schedule the work, he gave me an estimate. He completed the job on time and on budget, no back end negotiating, was a straight shooter. He's now my go to for stump grinding.
Al ThompsonAl Thompson
20:54 15 Jul 22
I sent in a text with a photo of the 2 stumps I needed removed.They got back to me within minutes with a very reseasonable estimate!I was able to get an appointment within 3 days of my call.However it gets even better...They were able to come a day early and take my stumps out speeding up my project!I would highly recommend Metro Stump Grinding to all of my family and friends!
Brad EBrad E
01:10 15 Jun 22
Jim did a great job grinding over a dozen stumps on my property. Friendly, efficient, skilled and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend.
Scott SmithScott Smith
18:17 10 Jul 20
We hired Metro to do a fairly easy stump removal in our front yard. They were doing a project down the street, we saw them there, chatted with them and they (Sean) came over to give a quote, which was very reasonable. They came over a couple of days later to to the work. The work was done quickly and professionally (thanks for protecting our windows!), and Sean actually charged us less than what he had quoted. Don't know many other contractors who would do that. We were very satisfied with the work and in working with them. I'd use them again in a heartbeat (and we'll need to in the near future). Highly recommend.

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Residential Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal in Minnetonka, MN

Your home is your sanctuary, and its outdoor space should reflect that. Our residential stump grinding services in Minnetonka, MN, are designed to help you reclaim your yard and enhance its appeal. We use top-of-the-line equipment to grind down tree stumps below the surface, effectively removing any traces of their existence. Say goodbye to those cumbersome stumps that hinder your landscaping dreams, and welcome a lush, vibrant lawn that beckons you outdoors.

Factors to Consider Before Removing Tree Stumps

Do you have troublesome tree stumps marring the canvas of your landscaping? If you do, you may be considering scheduling a residential tree stump removal with our professionals in Minnetonka, MN. When you reach out to our team, we will help you consider the following factors to choose the best plan moving forward:

  • Location of the Stump: Firstly, the stump’s location plays a pivotal role. If it’s near structures, utilities, or landscaping features, removal might require a more delicate approach to avoid damage.
  • Size of the Stump: The size of the stump matters, too, as larger stumps might necessitate heavier equipment for efficient removal.
  • Reason for Removal: Another aspect to ponder is the intended use of the space post-removal. Are you planning to replant, landscape, or construct? This will influence how extensively the stump and its roots need to be eradicated.

Commercial Stump Grinding & Tree Stump Removal in Minnetonka, MN

First impressions matter, especially in the business world. If your commercial property’s exterior is marred by unsightly tree stumps, it might not convey the professionalism and attention to detail that you strive for. Our commercial stump grinding services cater to businesses in Minnetonka, MN, looking to elevate their property’s appearance. We understand the nuances of commercial landscaping and work discreetly to remove stumps while minimizing disruptions to your daily operations.

Signs You Need to Get Rid of That Tree Stump on Your Property

Wondering if you should invest in commercial tree stump removal from our company in Minnetonka, MN? The following signs say it’s past time to get in touch with your local professionals:

  • Aesthetic Eyesore: Unsightly stumps diminish your property’s professional appearance.
  • Safety Hazard: Stumps can cause accidents, potentially leading to liability issues.
  • Obstructed Space: Stumps hinder landscaping and development plans, limiting usable space.
  • Pest Infestations: Stumps attract pests like termites and ants, endangering nearby trees and structures.
  • New Construction: Preparing for new buildings or landscaping requires stump removal to clear the site.
  • Landscaping Upgrades: To revamp your commercial property’s landscape, stump removal is often the first step.

Lot Clearing in Minnetonka, MN

Are you starting a new construction project or looking to transform a piece of land? Metro Stump Grinding is your go-to partner for lot clearing in Minnetonka, MN. Our services ensure that your construction site is free from obstacles, allowing you to begin your project with a clean slate. We tackle tree stumps efficiently and safely, making way for your vision to come to life.

Shrub Removal in Minnetonka, MN

While shrubs can add charm to your property, there comes a time when you might need to bid them farewell. Our shrub removal services in Minnetonka, MN, are designed to address overgrown or unwanted shrubs that no longer contribute to your landscape’s beauty. Just like with tree stumps, we employ specialized techniques to remove shrub stumps and roots, leaving your yard primed for new landscaping endeavors.

Trust Our Experts to Handle All of Your Stump Removal Needs

At Metro Stump Grinding, we don’t just offer a service; we provide a solution to your landscaping challenges. Our experts are well-versed in the art of stump grinding and removal, backed by years of experience in Minnetonka, MN, and beyond. When you choose us, you’re choosing a partner who understands the unique needs of your property and works tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Why let tree stumps mar the beauty of your property when you can entrust Metro Stump Grinding to restore its elegance? Whether you’re a homeowner looking to reclaim your yard, a business owner seeking a polished exterior, or a developer in need of lot clearing, our stump grinding and removal company in Minnetonka, MN, has the expertise to get the job done right.

Reimagine your landscape without the burden of tree stumps. Contact us today to schedule your stump grinding and removal service in Minnetonka, MN.